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Tue, Oct 8
$20 - $50 Tickets

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Doors 6pm


Mushroomhead – are one of the most unique and adventurous alternative metal bands working today. Known for their stunningly theatrical live show and artsy masks, this innovative band has forged new ground in the rock world and influenced many other bands to push the envelope and bring art into rock. Formed in the early-1990s in Cleveland Ohio, the band’s combination of metal, rock and atmospheric elements has struck a chord with thousands of fans worldwide.

Mushroomhead have been performing incognito since 1993, when drummer Skinny founded the band. The band was meant to be a side-project so they wore masks to go unrecognized, but after only a few shows they developed a rabid and loyal fan base in Cleveland. Mushroomhead released their 1995 self-titled debut album independently and it went on to became an underground hit. This was history in the making because the band really had no proper distribution. Superbuick followed in 1996 and M3 in 1999, all released via an underground street effort.

After the band felt its image and hyper-melodic, heavy style of music was being diluted by other bands jumping into this space, the band started to change their look to reflect nothing out there. After a brief stint on Eclipse Records, a move to Universal Records saw the release of XX (a combination of the past independent releases) in 2001 and XIII in 2003. The band’s last album sold over 200,000 units in the USA alone. Mushroomhead released Savior Sorrow for the pioneering rock label, Megaforce Records (Metallica, Anthrax, Ministry, Warren Haynes, Bad Brains) in 2006. Mushroomhead released “Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children” in the Fall of 2010 and it debuted at #44 on Billboard charts.

It can be said that Mushroomhead’s musical ascendance was a singular, original, aesthetic of eight guys decked out in matching jumpsuits and artsy masks, playing unbelievable, unsettling music. No other band was wearing masks and jumpsuits and purveying this type of ultra-melodic, ultra-dynamic music at the time – Mushroomhead sounded like nothing else. The band’s merging of metal, atmospheric elements, rock, and theatrics mixed with a punk DIY attitude has inspired and spawned other bands. Even though Mushroomhead’s music is rock-leaning in thought, the group remains firmly committed to pushing the envelope and trying new things.

Influences range from the driving rhythms and breakneck turns of Pantera, to the dark melodies of Faith No More, to the atmospheric stylings of Pink Floyd, but all done in Mushroomhead style.


M3 – 1999
XIII – 2003
VOLUME 1 DVD – 2005
VOLUME 2 DVD – 2008

Upon A Burning Body


On a mission to prove that everything, even metal, is bigger in Texas, San Antonio-based quintet Upon A Burning Body batter crowds with their driving brand of mosh-ready deathcore. Delivering plenty of massive riffs, punishing breakdowns, and hardcore-style gang choruses, the group has a sound that's surprisingly infectious in what is typically a highly malevolent, take-no-prisoners genre. The band signed on with Sumerian Records, and in 2010 released its debut album, The World Is Ours, on the influential metal label. Upon a Burning Body followed up with their sophomore effort, Red. White. Green., in 2012. The hard-charging, Will Putney-produced The World Is My Enemy Now dropped in 2014, followed in 2016 by Straight From The Barrio, which featured the blistering single "Til the Break of Dawn."

Now with Seek & Strike, the band strives forward delivering their most honest and crushing metal experience yet, Southern Hostility. No gimmicks, no hard sell, just straight up Texas style, American, metal.

There Is No Us


Mind Incision


Constructed in the year of 2022, Mind Incision was born of musicians with 20+ years of national entertainment industry experience, encompassing the newest of core sound into a classic nu-metal niche. The band is fronted by Jason Neil, formerly of ARCANIUM who had extensive touring experience with with BIG 4 named thrash masters MEGADETH, and bands such as BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, OTEP, and ILL NIÑO, to name a few. After releasing their debut video Aneurysm of a Narcissist in March of 2023, the band garnered a serious amount of attention across the globe from not only fans but from industry professionals alike, resulting in the band signing with Music Gallery International’s very own Shawn Barusch. As Mind Incision await their breakout tour in 2024 they recently recorded and released their third official music video The Awakening which focuses on bringing light to the rising concern in suicide and its attempts with self harming In the youth of todays world. Mind Incision released their earth shattering epic dual release entitled ”Tattered and Torn” early this year which had a tremendous amount of response from fans Totaling over 28,000 plays worldwide in the first month. currently the band focus’s on planning for the road as they intend to breakout with a tour this year to start their next journey through the music industry.

Time & Location

6:00 PM
Tally Ho Theater - 19 West Market St - Leesburg, Virginia