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Sat, Aug 3
Philadelphia Freedom: A Tribute to Elton John
$20.00 - $50.00 Tickets

About This Event

website Philadelphia Freedom: A Tribute to Elton John Philadelphia Freedom: A Tribute to Elton John is the ULTIMATE and most REALISTIC Elton John tribute currently touring. Doug Delescavage is Elton John as he was in his 20’s, full of joy and unlimited energy, commanding his top notch band through all the hits of Elton’s career. Doug Delescavage owns the stage with his domineering fashion sense rivaling no one but Mr. Captain Fantastic himself. We hope to see you soon! The Band Doug Delescavage Frontman Doug Delescavage is Elton John reborn. Doug is a Berklee College of Music graduate who has been a lifelong Elton John fan emulating him since childhood. Doug’s love for Elton’s music shines through every time he hits the stage. Bernie Gavlick Bass/Vocals Bernie Gavlick is a true artist. Bernie nails Dee Murray’s stage presence, fashion and bass playing to a T. His incredible ear and sense of melody and rhythm provide that driving energy of Elton’s music that we all know and love. Mike Shaw Drums Mike Shaw is the rock that holds us all together. Coming from many backgrounds and genres of music, you can hear that reflected in his playing and style. He is always there to adapt to whatever we are playing, but also take charge and keep our groove strong and energetic. He would make Nigel Olsson proud. Karl Rucker Guitar Karl Rucker is an incredibly talented guitar player with an even greater personality. His sense of tone, style, melody, and creativity would make Davey Johnstone proud. He has a great way of mixing his originality with that of Elton's music. Aaron Eldred Synths/Vocals Aaron Eldred is a hard working and talented multi instrumentalist and singer. Whether it’s guitar, or keyboards, he’s got it covered. A lifelong Elton fan as well, his understanding of rhythm, melody, and placement locks in the fullness of those beautiful orchestrations we know from Elton’s music. Aidan McLaughlin Guitar Aidan is a hard working and passionate musician. He completes our sound and fills in those pockets so eloquently. He has a good sense of tone and style. Determined and ambitious, he works incredibly hard under pressure.

Time & Location

7:00 PM
Tally Ho Theater - 19 West Market St SW - Leesburg, VA