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The Rush Experience

Hailing from the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan Area, The Rush Experience are a true - RUSH Tribute Act in that the band is a TRIO fulfilling the traditional roles of Neil, Alex and Geddy...  


1.   Vince Tricarico on drums and percussion

2.   Sean O'Brien on guitars and synthesizer pedals

3.   David Kidd on bass, vocals, keyboards and pedals


The band's repertoire spans RUSH's entire career from their 1974 debut album through 2012's epic swan song, Clockwork Angels.


The Rush Experience will focus on RUSH's entire 40 Year Career; covering their hey-day 70's and 80's material thru the 90’s and ending at bands retirement from touring in 2015.


The band performs many of their greatest hits with a wealth of surprising deep cuts that perhaps only Rush performed themselves throughout their celebrated career.

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