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EnRAGE Against The Machine Tribute

enRAGE Against the Machine is Earth’s premier Rage Against the Machine Tribute band based out of Charlotte, NC.
RATM is arguably one of the most original bands to ever exist, providing fans with a unique experience. In the bands short tenure, those lucky enough to see the band live will likely never forget how the exchange of energy made them feel.
enRATM continues to channel the spirit of RATM’s unique sound but more importantly, what it felt like to experience the band live. What separates enRATM from other tribute bands is that every show provides a unique, high energy experience covering all of the bands material, performed with the true meanings behind the music.
We are celebrating almost 3 decades of RATM, aiming to reach new and long-time fans of the band. More importantly, our ultimate goal is to connect with fans of the band. We are just fans ourselves, looking to bring the emotion and energy of RATM to life for an inclusive, shared experience.

There are currently not events. Please check back soon.