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Cat Janice

Driving with a fine fusion of emotional integrity and enchanting, energizing musicianship, songwriter and artist Cat Janice delivers a fresh thread of artistry to the modern music scene. The indie gem presents a skilful balance of soaring vocals, snappy guitar lines and euphoric synths, for a uniquely immersive take on contemporary pop. Proving both exciting and deeply human, Cat’s versatility knows no limits. From the dance-pop rhythm and bounce of ‘White Shoes’ to the seductive embrace of ‘Luxury’, finely-honed vocals meander with equal parts skill and character. Whether high-octane or breathy and intimate, each song pours emotion and purpose into the creative space. Inspired by the likes of Portugal, The Man and CHVRCHES as much so as the dance queen Dua Lipa, Cat’s love for music transcends the limits of style. Her songs connect with their strong grooves, endearing yet confident lyrical outpourings, and melodies that feel genuinely fresh.

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