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Best of Foo

Best Of Foo are a NY/NJ based Tribute to the Foo Fighters, that were formed in early 2017.

Before the group’s formation; Dennis Kozar, Juan Hernandez, Mike Ferreira, and Chris Kozar, played in an original band called civic. When their singer departed the group, they had no luck finding the right replacement. To fill the musical void, they jammed on cover tunes, but mainly focused on the Foo’s. After learning a handful of songs, they realized a tribute band was a possibility. When they discussed who could be a candidate to act as the Dave Grohl of the group, Phil Barbetta of the band, Corevalay, immediately came to mind. His passion, and aggressive vocals, fit best with the Foo Fighters sound. After a few rehearsals, a new band was officially formed under the name Best Of Foo.

Their debut show was in October of 2017. Show offers, and a growing audience began to escalate quickly. Part of what makes this band successful, is that their sincere love for the Foo Fighters, connects with their audience. An audience which is an active participant, singing along to all their favorite songs. Music is medicine for the soul, and that is what this band brings for the crowd, as well as themselves. The goal is to play to an ever-growing audience, and to celebrate the music of the Foo Fighters!

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