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Fri, Sep 13
Double Vision: The Foreigner Experience
$20.00 - $45.00 On Sale 7/17

About This Event

Doors 7pm


Boasting some of New York City’s top professional rock musicians, Double Vision delivers the highest level of integrity and technical prowess to bring you all the hits from the band that you’ve come to love, while honoring Foreigner and its audience, with a show second to none.

Meet The Band

Chandler is a prominent figure in rock music, known for his dynamic vocals and extensive studio work. As a session singer he has performed on hundreds of songs and scores of albums, and also maintains a notable presence in NYC's high-society music events scene. From collaborating with Michael Denner of Mercyful Fate and Jeff Waters of Annihilator, to achieving success in Europe and Japan with his original hard rock outfit Outloud, Chandler's career spans international acclaim. His transition to the Punky Meadows Band (from 70’s hard rock act Angel) resulted in a debut album reaching top spots on music charts and a successful US tour. Recognized as Best Unsigned Artist and receiving Grammy considerations for his work with Iron Bridge Band, Chandler's impact on the rock scene is undeniable.

Scott Duboys, a powerhouse drummer, has left his mark on both the national and international music scenes. He's recorded and performed with notable bands like Warrior Soul, Nuclear Assault, and The Cycle Sluts From Hell. In NYC, he's shared the stage with icons like Jon Bon Jovi, David Coverdale, and Zakk Wylde, and supported acts such as Metallica and Janes Addiction. His achievements include playing at renowned festivals like Donington and Dynamo, and one of his recordings with Warrior Soul was praised by Metallica's Lars Ulrich in Rolling Stone magazine.

Chris Schwartz is a seasoned musician with over 30 years of experience in touring, composing, recording, producing, and teaching music. Despite a visual impairment, he's passionate about music, describing it as his life. His style blends Classic Rock with Metal, Blues, and Modern Country influences. Starting his touring career at 13, he's played with notable bands like Go Go Gadjet and shared the stage with artists like Kenny Chesney and Billy Joel. Schwartz aims to inspire through his music, whether teaching young musicians or performing worldwide at events for Viacom, MTV, and more.

Paul Baccash is a versatile musician, known for his captivating performances as a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer. His original music boasts a fusion of Middle Eastern and Latin influences, featuring catchy melodies and hooks, showcasing his mastery of instruments such as the Oud. Paul has played in a myriad of successful NJ-based bands over the years, including Shorty Long, The Amish Outlaws, and JTA. As the former Lead Guitarist for the NY-based cult-hard rock band Seductive Luck, he contributed to the band's two full-length albums, which are available for streaming.

Scott Metaxas is a seasoned songwriter, renowned producer, and accomplished mixer, boasting a prolific career collaborating with major label artists worldwide. From crafting hits for the likes of Halsey to navigating the diverse landscapes of music with acts such as Badlands, his musical journey is nothing short of extraordinary. As a founding member of Prophet, the acclaimed club band from New Jersey, Scott propelled the group to international success with three acclaimed records and two MTV videos. Later, his venture with Nuclear Assault yielded a chart-topping hit accompanied by an iconic MTV video, solidifying his legacy as a multifaceted force in the music industry.

Alex Lubin, a Russian-born musician, delved into music early, mastering piano, accordion, and guitar by age 14. Despite Russia's limited music scene, he pursued his passion, even building his own electric guitar and equipment due to scarcity. Influenced by rock legends like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, he immigrated to the US at 18, where he thrived in New York and New Jersey's music scene. With notable projects like Diamond and now Double Vision, Alex remains a dedicated performer and recording artist in NYC and beyond.

Tony Carfora, a respected figure in the New York jazz and blues scene, has earned the title of a "veteran" saxophonist. His talent has garnered him recognition on a national scale, performing alongside icons like Shania Twain, Stevie Wonder, and Chaka Khan. Known for his nightly performances spanning from the Battery to the Bronx, he's also a familiar face in music festivals across the country. Additionally, he has shared stages with comedy greats including Howie Mandel, George Carlin, Don Rickles, and Lewis Black, solidifying his status as a versatile entertainer.

Time & Location

7:00 PM
Tally Ho Theater - 19 West Market St SW - Leesburg, VA