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Fri, Jun 21
The Land Of Ozz
$20.00 - $45.00 Tickets

About This Event


More Wicked Than The Rest !!!

Welcome to The Land of Ozz! An extraordinary experience paying tribute to “The Prince of Darkness” – Ozzy Osbourne. The band consists of seasoned Philadelphia area musicians each with 35+ years of stage and touring experience which they bring to the stage every performance.

Featuring young guitar prodigy Matt Stanley, who was only 15 when he debuted with Land Of Ozz 6 years ago. Matt recreates the solos, sound and feel of Randy, Jake, and Zakk with every performance. Matt also performs with Cat 5, so the kid has chops to spare.

Front and center is frontman Stephen J. Desko. Steve’s portrayal of Ozzy is a sight and sound to behold. The similarities are uncanny, just ask anyone who has seen the band live. After singing in the school choir, original bands, and numerous cover bands it became obvious this was his calling. Steve also performs a spot-on Ronnie James Dio in The Ultimate Live Evil tribute band when not performing with TLOO. Also, for the Black Sabbath fans Steve is fronting Just Sabbath which features the other 86 Sabbath tunes that Land Of Ozz does not feature!!

On rhythm guitar is Mike Stanley, father of Matt Stanley. A graduate of the acclaimed Berklee College of Music, Mike has spanned the decades with several well-known bands across the tri-state area. Mike is also an outstanding lead player and takes the occasional spotlight at gigs alongside Matt.

On keyboards is Mike “Viv” Vivial aka “The Wizard” who lays down the classic keyboard parts of the great Don Airey. Viv cut his teeth on the greats-Wakeman, Lord, Banks, Airey, & Emerson. Viv was previously in Journey tribute Separate Ways and Beyond Abbey Road, a tribute to The Beatles.

On drums is Nate Stanley Brother of Matt and son to Mike. As the youngest member of the band now its clear to see how much energy and enthusiasm he brings. Nate picked up the sticks in 2019 and quickly progressed to an advanced level. His influences Neil Pert of Rush, John Bonam, Alex Van Halen and Tommy Aldridge. Coming from such a talented family its of no surprise that Nate also sings, play bass and guitar

Kevin Mercer provides the bottom end on bass and the solid foundation of Sarzo, Daisley, Butler, and Soussan. Kevin was a founding member of legendary Phila area metal band KRANK and is currently Alice Cooper in Zillion Dollar Babies and Bon/Brian in AC/DC show Fire Your Guns. Join us at a LIVE show near you!! The Land Of Ozz!! More Wicked Than The Rest!!

Meet Our Band
Nate Stanley - Drums
Mike “Viv” Vivial - Keyboard
Stephen J. Desko - Vocals
Matt Stanley - Guitar
Kevin Mercer - Bass and Vocals
Mike Stanley - Guitar

Time & Location

7:00 PM
Tally Ho Theater - 19 West Market St SW - Leesburg, VA