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Thu, Mar 21
Red NOT Chili Peppers, Max Muscato
$20.00 - $35.00 Tickets

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THE RED NOT CHILI PEPPERS pay tribute to the ultimate funk rock quartet – a band who has transcended three decades of chart-topping success as well as developed one of the largest die-hard fanbases in the world. Come be reminded of the hits and high energy performances that brought the Chili Pepper’s international acclaim. Having performed at many of the country’s most prestigious concert halls as well as every major tribute festival, the Red Not’s sincere devotion to that classic Chili Pepper sound is filling venues and rocking people’s socks off around the US and abroad. With the ability to replicate the entire catalog of hits and hundreds of songs, every show provides a unique and high energy live music experience.

Max Muscato
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Max Muscato is an American singer, songwriter, writer, director, film composer and philanthropist. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, he was born into a musical family and immediately hit the road with his father who at the time was a touring musician. From there he learned how to play several instruments that included drums, piano, cello but he eventually found his love with the guitar.

Originally, Max aspired to be a physician, but while attending the University at Buffalo he found himself spending the majority of his time writing music rather than studying. After graduating in 2012, Max traveled to West Palm Beach, FL to work as a trainer at PGA National. There he trained professionals on the PGA Tour. Music never left him, however, it was his true calling and he decided to follow it eventually leading him back to his roots.

Growing up in the streets accompanied by a nomad lifestyle while his father toured, he found music was his outlet. Max learned to play by ear; practicing licks from classic rock and blues artists. Completely self-taught, he spent countless hours writing original music locked away in his bedroom. His love for classical music ultimately led him to blend all three genres together, creating his own signature sound.

By 16, Max had been part of several bands in the Western New York area and played out at numerous venues, all while writing original music behind the scenes. Max's unique sound is a tapestry created from his greatest influences; John Mayer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nickelback, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and composers Yanni, Enya, James Horner, The Transiberian Orchestra among others. After years of developing as an artist Max crafted a signature sound and incorporated it into all of his compositions, from the edgiest piece to the most tranquil.

His music is a captivating tapestry that skillfully blends moments of high energy with serene melodies, appealing to the diverse tastes of eclectic music listeners. Through his music, Max channels his personal struggles with addiction, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Instead of evading them, he bravely confronts his inner demons, taking responsibility for his growth and striving to become a better individual, fully embracing the present moment.

July 1, 2017 was a significant milestone for Max Muscato as it marked the release of his debut album, Act One. It was during the same year that Max founded Rock Autism, a non-profit organization that draws inspiration from his brother Sonny Muscato's journey with autism, addiction, incarceration, and a traumatic incident where Sonny was shot by a drunk corrections officer. Fast forward to 2023, Rock Autism has become one of the nation's only multimedia vocational programs for individuals with autism, providing opportunities to learn music and film production fundamentals and offering paid internships in various entertainment ventures, including benefit concerts, film sets, and musicals.

After dedicating several years to running the organization and focusing on his family, Max felt the call to return to his music roots. In the past year, he embarked on a nationwide tour in collaboration with The Hard Rock Cafe and Taylor Guitars. This tour served as both a platform to raise funds and generate awareness for his organization and a means to share his brother's powerful story. Max skillfully balanced his musical pursuits with his commitment to making a positive impact through Rock Autism.

Max's artistic endeavors also encompass the captivating narrative of his feature film and musical "Sonnyboy: A Raw Musical." a production he wrote and composed. This musical shines a spotlight on his autistic brother, who not only serves as his drummer but also becomes an integral part of the storyline. It delves into their shared experiences, including battles with autism, addiction, imprisonment, and the traumatic event of surviving a gunshot wound inflicted by an intoxicated corrections officer. Max's musical composition serves as a powerful medium to shed light on the struggles of gang violence and gun-related trauma, ultimately conveying a message of resilience and survival. He is working towards producing his film and dreams of bringing it to life in the next few years. He also has aspirations of taking his musical to Broadway. Max's passion and determination fuel his pursuit of success in the film and theater industry.

As for the future, he has an exciting plan for the upcoming year. He will be going on a US and UK Tour, captivating audiences with his music. Alongside the tour, Max will be releasing a series of singles, including remixed and mastered versions of "Valarie," "Colors," and "Heaviness," as well as new tracks like "Sinner," "Demons," and "Monsters in My Head."

Time & Location

7:00 PM
Tally Ho Theater - 19 West Market St SW - Leesburg, VA