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The Side Cars Band - “A Tribute to the Cars”

Welcome to The Side Cars Band - The Ultimate Tribute to The Cars! The Side Cars Band "A Tribute to The Cars" is the very best tribute to the Cars. The universal standard when considering a Cars Tribute Band. 


They are a leading tribute band dedicated to honoring the iconic rock band, The Cars. The Side Cars Band, The Cars Tribute Band delivers an electrifying and authentic live experience that captures the essence of the legendary music of The Cars. With their passion for paying homage to The Cars, they drive to bring the timeless hits of The Cars to life for audiences far and wide. Their talented musicians and dedicated performers are true fans of The Cars, and they continue to meticulously study the music and style of the Cars to bring you the best performance ever. 


The Cars were often criticized for presenting a lack luster live performance, and although The Side Cars Band disagrees with this opinion, they make it their intent to perform with the highest energy and excitement every time they take the stage to pay tribute to The Cars. From the catchy hooks to the energetic rhythms, they aim to transport their audiences back in time to relive the magic of The Cars' incredible discography. With a repertoire that spans The Cars' entire career, they meticulously curate their setlist to include all the fan-favorites and chart-toppers that you know and love. From "Just What I Needed" "Best Friends Girl" and "Drive" to "Shake It Up" and "Let's Go," they deliver every song with the same passion and precision as the original band, and adding nearly over the top stage presence to hopefully change the memory of the way critics discredited The Cars live performance. as lack luster. 


Whether you're a dedicated fan of The Cars or simply appreciate great rock music, The Side Cars Band "A Tribute to the Cars" guarantees a high-energy performance that will leave you singing, dancing, and reminiscing. Our mission is to provide a nostalgic experience that transports you back to the exhilarating era of The Cars and their groundbreaking sound. Join them for a performance that celebrates the legacy of The Cars and pays tribute to the timeless music that continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. Stay connected to their website and social media channels for information on upcoming shows and events. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of the Side Cars Band "A Tribute to The Cars" - The Ultimate Cars Tribute Band. 


They are an entertainment production consisting of highly devoted and talented musicians that are life long fans of The Cars. Their intentions are to promote the legacy of The Cars by paying tribute through the highest quality performance of the hits and deep tracks to audiences near and far. Their number one goal is to preserve the legacy of The Cars by celebrating their catalog of music with everyone. The Side Cars Band emulates the look, style, and sound that led The Cars to the the top of the billboard charts, selling millions of records throughout their career, and pioneering new wave and power pop, and Music Video during the early years of MTV, and ultimately being inducted into the Rock-N-Roll Hall of fame. 


The Cars, with their unique style and sound, and refreshingly innovative musical creativity which blends classic rock and roll vibes, rockabilly, and guitar rock layered with the evolving synthesizer pop and power pop music of the late 70’s and early 80’s, The Cars made their mark in the history of contemporary American popular music and pop culture. Since the bands inception in Boston, dating back to 1976, and the release of their self titled debut Album in 1978, their music has proven to be timeless and influential to listeners and musicians to this very day.  


The founding members Ric Ocasek and Benjamin Orr have regretfully moved on from this life, but The Side Cars Band is driving to keep the music and legacy of The Cars alive for the fans who still adore and appreciate the timeless musical and cultural contributions of this historic American Pop Rock Music Phenomenon. 


In addition to performing their tribute to The Cars, The Side Cars Band is also well versed in 70's and 80's synth pop/rock and you will often experience them performing relevant hit songs by other artists that really demonstrate their versatility as musicians. The Side Cars Band is not only a tribute band, but also one of the best professional cover bands available for municipal concerts, music festivals, private party, private event, club performances, concerts, corporate party, corporate events and even weddings. They are one of the best tribute bands, or cover bands available for hire in New York, The North East, The East Coast, and The United States. See what fans are saying about The Side Cars Band. 

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