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Shot Thru The Heart

Shot Thru the Heart (STTH) is a professional tribute band that pays homage to the music and showmanship of Bon Jovi, one of the greatest rock bands to ever take the stage. STTH provides a high-energy concert experience, playing only the greatest hits and staying true to the original recordings. STTH is the real-deal! The music and vocals are live with meticulous attention to detail that clearly sets STTH apart from the competition. 

Each member of Shot Thru the Heart is a seasoned, professional musician and entertainer. The energy emitted from the stage is contagious and reminiscent of the great arena rock concerts of the 80s. Each member of STTH grew up on the rock music of the 80s greatest bands including Van Halen, Ratt, Poison, Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard and the Scorpions. However, all members of STTH have a very special love and respect for the music of Bon Jovi. Love for the music of Bon Jovi bleeds through every note played and sung. The nostalgia effect is real!


“Best show I’ve seen since the real Bon Jovi concerts! Love the entire 80’s vibe these talented musicians give in their performance.” Micki Andrews Freeman 


“The energy and talent that comes from this band is phenomenal!” Steven Behrens 


“Hands down the most amazing cover band I have seen! This is an experience like no other. The authenticity of this band is present start to finish. Been to see them on multiple occasions and the crowd kept screaming for more!! They are electric!” Christy James 


“This is one of the best cover (tribute) bands I have ever seen.  The music is spot on! Love the vibe. Lots of energy. If you get a chance go see them. You will not be disappointed! These guys are awesome!” Darleen Rogers Suddeth 


“This band is completely insane!! Music is authentic, crowd engagement is phenomenal and their overall energy is second to none!! Check these guys out for sure!! You will not be disappointed!!” John James 


“Absolutely amazing band!!!! I’ve done lights and effects at a local pub for several months. Very few bands can hold a candle to these guys. Crowd engagement and sound were phenomenal!!!!!! One of the best musical acts in the upstate of South Carolina! Absolutely Amazing on all levels.” Matthew Stone 


“When I heard that there was going to be a local Bon Jovi tribute band I was excited! I went to see these guys at the Spinning Jenny and at the Powdersville Pub and they did not disappoint! The talent that this group has is pure amazing. I have seen Bon Jovi numerous times and Shot Thru the Heart definitely pays homage wholeheartedly! I can't wait for the next show!” Karen Crow Steinbring

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